Sedona Pastimes Skirt

vintage 1980s terracotta cotton wrap skirt

Vintage 1980s cotton wrap skirt in a beautiful shade of terracotta red with brown large...
Nom de Plume Skirt

vintage 1970s red purple plaid skirt

Vintage 1970s classic a-line skirt with vibrant purple, red, and orange large scale plaid. This...
Tender Leaves Skirt

vintage 1990s muted green floral wrap skirt

Vintage 1990s muted sage green wrap skirt featuring rows of cream colored florals in rows....
Frankly Speaking Skirt

vintage 1950s blue red plaid pleat skirt

Vintage 1950s blue red plaid pleat skirt made with a soft cotton. Has a defined...
Fondness of June Skirt

vintage 1990s dark hunter green floral maxi skirt

Vintage 1990s dark hunter green maxi skirt with pale yellow daisy floral print. Vintage 90s...
Vintage 1940s blue colorful polka dot midi skirt

Vintage late 40s early 1950s bright blue cotton skirt with colorful polka dots. Vintage 40s...
Sweet Caroline Dress

vintage 1950s pink novelty country print a-line skirt

Vintage early 1950s pink cotton midi skirt with sweet country scenes novelty print. Vintage 50s...
vintage 1940s novelty print rayon wrap skirt

Vintage summer wrap style pencil skirt made from 1940s rayon novelty print fabric. This skirt...
$49.00 $68.00
vintage 1950s inspired 90s island print circle skirt

Vintage 1950s inspired full circle skirt with colorful yellow, peach, and pink ombre effect. This...
$68.60 $98.00
vintage 1950s green red ethnic print skirt

Vintage 1950s green red ethnic print circle skirt. This vintage 50s skirt features vibrant and...
vintage 1950s checkered eyelet swing skirt

Vintage 1950s cotton skirt in blue and white checkered pattern. Vintage 50s full swing skirt...
vintage 1940s novelty Native American print rayon skirt

Vintage 1940s white rayon skirt with vibrant colored novelty Native American inspired print throughout. Vintage...
vintage 1970s black red indian gauze boho skirt

Vintage 1970s black, red, and purple Indian gauze skirt. Vintage 70s boho hippie broomstick skirt...
Vintage and vintage inspired skirts with pretty floral prints, novelty prints, stripes, polka dots, and patterned skirts