Gallier House Collar

vintage 1920s cream eyelet lace collar

Feminine and pretty vintage 1920s large eyelet lace collar for wearing underneath your favorite cardigan...
Begins the Song Top

vintage 1920s tulle ruffle lace dickie top

In a quiet dim corner of the neighborhood cafe, you sit with a cup of...
Twilight Dews Shawl

vintage 1920s cream silk embroidered piano shawl

Wrapping yourself around your favorite antique 1920s cream colored silk piano shawl, you pick up...
Starlit Velvet Dress

vintage 1920s black velvet flapper dress with brooch and lace

Swinging open the doors to your lavish hotel room for the weekend, you hardly contain...
Harvest Gold Dress

vintage tulle beige dress with gold ribbon detail, arrow hem, and deep v front & back

Walking barefoot through fields of wheat, the sun draws closer to the skyline, casting a...
Champagne Elegance Dress

vintage 1920s 1930s silk dress with bows

Strolling beneath flushed sunset skies, you linger a while on the bridge home, ferry boats...
Lovely Merits Brooch

antique 1920s carved floral glass brooch

Antique early 1920s brooch with beautiful carved floral centerpiece encased in domed g;ass. Features lightly...
Starling Dress

vintage 1920s royal blue silk dress with pleats

On a brisk autumn date night, you tuck a stray curl behind your ear and...
Bestow A Kiss Blouse

antique 1910s pale pink sheer embroidered blouse

The country road narrows as you near your destination, the town where Jane Austen spent...
Young Charmer Step-In

vintage 1920s pale peach embroidered step in

Soft rays of sunshine filter through the lace curtains in your living room and you...
Boheme Societe Dress

vintage 1920s pink sheer floral scallop flapper dress

An invitation to the most talked about art gallery opening merits a well thought out...
Forgotten Sonnets Shawl

vintage 1920s embroidered cream silk piano shawl

Rifling through your father's record collection, you come across an old familiar cover and decide...

Vintage dresses, clothing, and accessories from the free-spirited, modernist era of the Roaring Twenties. Dance the night away in one of our original vintage 1920s low-waisted flapper dresses or shop glamorous silk gowns for evening attire. Adorn yourself in an antique cloche hat and browse our ever-changing collection of long strand necklaces, vintage stone bangles, and silk step-ins and camisoles.