Hint of Honeysuckle Step-In

antique 1910s 1920s embroidered cotton step-in

Step into this soft cotton antique 1910s 1920s cream chemise slip and wear as the perfect camisole...
Pekoe Floret Dress

vintage 1920s navy scattered floral dress

This vintage 1920s silk chiffon collared dress is perfect for a stroll through your early...
Garden of Delights Shawl

vintage 1920s 30s large silk piano shawl

For you romantic bohemians we present one of the most stunning vintage piano shawls we've...
Darling Poppet Cloche

vintage 1920s pink straw spring cloche

Vintage 1920s pink straw cloche hat with pink and blue felt flowers along the front....
The Past Beckons Dress

vintage 1920s embroidered net wedding dress

Oh, this dress does take one's breath away! Vintage 1920s wedding dress in ivory net tulle...
Enchanted Days Step In

vintage 1920s pink crepe lace step-in

Vintage 1920s pale rose pink crepe de chine chemise step-in with rare pointed hemline. This...
Midnight in Paris Dress

vintage 1920s inspired stars and moon beaded gown

The perfect dress for the true Flapper girl at heart! This vintage 1920s inspired gown...
Antique 1920s sky blue embroidered blouse

Antique late 1910s early 1920s sky blue embroidered blouse. This blouse features a small v-neck, embroidered...
Vintage late 1920s black velvet sashed dress

Vintage late 1920s early 1930s black silk velvet dress. Vintage 20s dress has long semi...
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