Shop Story: An Autumn Afternoon in Paris

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An Autumn Stroll in Paris

Feminine vintage inspired outfits to wear in Paris in Autumn

Imagine yourself in Paris at this moment, in the 4th arrondisement... It's Autumn and surprisingly warm for this time of year. You've just stopped briefly at Notre Dame and now walking along the stone cobbled streets along the Siene.

You have your vintage inspired basket purse casually slung on one arm thankful it's roomy enough to hold your travel camera, a croissant for the train ride, all your beauty essentials, and several vintage postcards of France to send back to your friends. 

A boat trails down the river slowly, leaving a ripple of waves behind it that the late October sun dapples across making the surface of the water sparkle as if veiled in a sheath of diamonds.

How magical to be in Paris in the Autumn...

A very chill breeze ruffles your vintage inspired red printed midi dress (which has already received several approving looks from the stylish Parisian women) so you throw on your vintage inspired cable knit sweater over your dress (wondering a bit how you managed just a dress this far...perhaps your gratitude and happiness for being in Paris in the Fall has kept your spirits warm...

As you walk across a bridge over the Seine you hear in the distance someone playing the accordion, a tune that's all together familiar and yet pleasantly foreign to your ears. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a cafe window and smile. You can't help it, you twirl with a laugh, your vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels turning with ease on the smooth stone walkways. vie est belle...

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