Quiet Life Dress

vintage 1920s ukrainian silk flapper dress

Very rare vintage 1920s eastern European raw silk dress in pale cream with red embroidered...
Dancing Follies Dress

vintage 1920s pink accordion godets flapper dress

This vintage 1920s flapper dress is peachy pink in color. It features cream lace details...
Boheme Societe Dress

vintage 1920s pink sheer floral scallop flapper dress

An invitation to the most talked about art gallery opening merits a well thought out...
Fall Forecast Dress

vintage 1920s brown velvet orange flapper dress

Vintage late 1920s brown silk velvet flapper dress. This vintage 20s dress features lace cape...
Starlit Velvet Dress

vintage 1920s black velvet flapper dress with brooch and lace

Swinging open the doors to your lavish hotel room for the weekend, you hardly contain...
Starling Dress

vintage 1920s royal blue silk dress with pleats

On a brisk autumn date night, you tuck a stray curl behind your ear and...
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