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The 1950s: Age of Prosperity

....or so the textbooks say! America was the world's strongest military power at this time and was enjoying the relief after the end of the world when food, clothing, cars, homes were suddenly accessible, and affordable, again. New couples found themselves with large families and hopes that the future was bright, and most importantly, secure.

The New Look, A Forever Silhouette

At the end of the previous decade, Christian Dior had introduced his "new look", the ultra femme silhouette that consisted of a tiny wasp waist (aided by the resurgence of body-shaping undergarments) and full circle skirts that barely grazed one's delicately toned calves. Paired with demure kitten heels, a string of pearls and a fresh-out-of-the-oven, home cooked dinner, and we have the classic image of the perfect housewife. Outside of this stereotype, women were now more liberated having proved their worth during the wartime and felt more at ease embracing their femininity again. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, and Jane Russel were the icons of beauty and elegance, informing women worldwide how to dress and act.

We love the 1950s in particular because since this era, the classic feminine silhouette hasn't changed all that much. We love this era's sweet summer sun dresses, elegant evening gowns, and playful rompers. Grab a picnic basket, and take to the park in one of our darling 1950s pieces!

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