Lunation Bracelet

etched bangle with rhinestones

This vintage inspired bangle gives off just a hint of sparkle with five rhinestone accents...
Magical Thoughts Necklace

delicate pale pink bead crystal drop necklace

Delicately beaded Y necklace accented with gold and pale pink drops. This feminine bohemian necklace...
Look to the Stars Stud Set

heart, moon, & star crystal stud earring set

A set of three golden stud earrings featuring hearts, stars, and moons with rock crystal...
Golden Sprig Necklace

delicate golden leaves pendant necklace

Always carry a bit of nature with you with this delicate golden leaf pendant necklace....
Intertwined Twigs Cuff

delicate golden twigs cuff bracelet

Inspired by nature, this delicate cuff bracelet features golden twigs intertwined with one another. Slightly...
Treasured Heirloom Necklace

art deco inspired locket necklace

Vintage Art Deco inspired locket necklace on long delicate chain. This vintage inspired locket has...
Alarie Earrings

vintage inspired rhinestone floral stud earrings

Delicate, feminine, and classic vintage inspired earrings in sweet floral stud motif. Vintage inspired earrings...
Hidden in the Past Necklace

vintage inspired etched square locket necklace

Beautiful vintage inspired necklace with square locket accented with diamond center and single clear rhinestone....
Token From Paris Necklace

vintage inspired filigree locket necklace

Vintage inspired feminine and lovely round locket necklace with pretty filigree scroll design and etched...
Feminine, delicate, and minimal vintage inspired jewelry from Adored Vintage.