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Cast At Midnight Dress
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Rare and exquisite antique 1920s black filet lace flapper dress featuring round neckline with delicate ruffle accent and waterfall hemline. The yoke is lined in silk crepe chiffon. Pair with a beautiful silk slip in black or a contrast color...


The Jazz Age, The Age of Intolerance, The Age of Wonderful Nonsense: The 1920s

An era famed for its wild and reckless party-goers, dancers, musicians, artists (and the coppers to shut it all down), the 1920s was a revolutionary era for the world at large. Women were finally given the right to vote, Coco Chanel's "Chanel No.5" made its debut, King Tutankhamun's tomb was opened, "The Great Gatsby" was published, and Walt Disney's beloved Mickey Mouse makes his first appearance in "Steamboat Willie". 

The Fashion

Whether you were one of the drinking, smoking, loudmouthed "Flappers" that brought fame to this era or (more likely) one of the many women who simply enjoyed the liberation of looser clothing and more forgiving social expectations, fashion was completely at the mercy of changing gender norms during this era.  Yes, hemlines rose, it's true. But please, take it from a couple of gals who adore and covet vintage threads: the common fashion of the day was not as short nor as covered in wiggling fringe as you may have heard! We love the 1920s for its decadent fabrics and and swooping silhouettes that defied the previous eras' definitions of feminine beauty. Skirts and dresses ended just below the knee or at mid calf, women cut their hair shorter, and many even took to wearing undergarments that hid their womanly curves instead of heavily accentuating them like their Edwardian ancestors. If browsing for 1920s clothing in the modern era, you'll probably find mostly colorful silks, delicate pastels, charming beaded gowns and luxurious velvet or wool pieces. The Cloche hat became a popular style and adorned with feathers or bead. To finish off one's outfit, lengthy strings of pearls and beads were draped around the neck. Oh, and stockings dyed to resemble the natural color of one's flesh! How scandalous!



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