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Lowell Hall Dress
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Romantic vintage late 1960s early 1970s Miss Elliette maxi dress featuring softly squared neckline with gather ties, long sheer black puff sleeves with lace panels, and tiered skirt with lace hem accent. Zips up back center. Fully lined (aside from...


The 1960s

This era, which followed the "Age of Prosperity" of the 1950s, faced conflicting doubts in politics and social movements. Radicalism, anti-war protests, the Summer of Love, booming industry and experimental art characterized this decade. A few phrases also come to mind: Space Race, Vietnam War, The Kennedys, Hippies and Flower Power, Beehives, The Beatles, and the smiley face.

Perhaps just as revolutionary as these key phrases and the movements they represent was the fashion. Hemlines rose to the shortest lengths yet to be seen...up to the mid-thigh! Wiggle dresses, mini skirts, sleeveless dresses and tops, and more naturally shaped undergarments allowed this era to show more skin than ever before. The makeup was bold, the famed "cat eye" came into its full swing, and hair was chopped or teased to be very tall. We look to Audrey Hepburn, Jackie "O", Marilyn Monroe, Tippi Hedren, Twiggy, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and more for style inspiration as they were the leading ladies of this era's film and fashion industries.

What we love about the 60s is its hearkening back to the liberated, free-thinking and independently living ideals of the 1920s. With shorter hemlines, more boyish silhouettes and bright, impressive hair and makeup, it's easy to see the similarities.

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