Fashion Blogger Collaborations with Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage has a feminine, soft, romantic, and vintage inspired aesthetic. If you are a fashion blogger and you are interested in collaborating with my shop please write me a note and include a link to your website/blog and your instagram in your message.

We will be quite selective with who we approve as we want to make sure the girls we collaborate with fits the story and look of the ideal Adored Vintage girl. Please don't get discouraged if you don't get approved right away! We will only be taking 1-3 collaborations a month.

At this time each collaboration is treated as a one-off and is not an ongoing monthly affiliation and fashion blogger store credit does not rollover. 

Once approved as an affiliate with Adored Vintage, you will be given store credit based on your number of followers and engagement on Instagram.

Fashion Blogger Store Credit

1000+ Followers = $50 Store Credit

5000+ Followers = $75 Store Credit

8000+ Followers = $100 Store Credit

10,000+ Followers = $150 Store Credit

By accepting and using the Fashion Blogger Store Credit on Adored Vintage you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions stated below.  

Terms & Conditions for Fashion Blogger Collaboration

1. You must post a minimum of 2 Times within 30 days of you receiving your item from Adored Vintage. Your first photo/post should be within 1-2 weeks of you receiving the garment from Adored Vintage and the second post anytime after that. *please note that you will not be eligible for another round of fashion blogger store credit until you've at least posted TWICE for EACH garment item (so if you use your shop credit for 2 items, that is 4 posts). Store credit does not roll over. 

2. Please tag @adoredvintage in your photo and mention Adored Vintage in your Instagram post. Also use the hashtag #thatavgirl. It would be really wonderful if you mentioned what you liked about the items you got or what you love about Adored Vintage. If you are posting on your website or blog please include a link back to my shop, Adored Vintage ( in your blog post. Posts in your Instagram stories do not count since they disappear.

3. Please do not archive, delete, remove your post featuring Adored Vintage products within 90 days of you sharing/posting. 

4. Adored Vintage has the right to use the content you feature with our products for marketing purposes. 

5. If we feature your photos on our blog/website/social media we will always credit/link back to you. The Adored Vintage audience is very loyal and growing every day! We would absolutely LOVE to feature your photos, so please do your best in taking beautiful photos and several of them! 

6. Once you have used your Fashion Blogger Shop Credit, you must wait another 30 days to get more credit from date of use. Please remember you are also required to post about your item twice. 

Requirement for getting featured in Adored Vintage:

Send us at least 3 images that are minimum width 1024 pixels.

Please note it may take us some time to post your photos and we cannot guarantee we will post them.

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