Jane Birkin in Eyelet Top

I adore this white eyelet top that Jane Birkin is wearing in this photo. Jane Birkin is probably the ultimate IT GIRL for French style, which is kind of interesting since she's English...  anyhow... I love how sweet and feminine this top is with it's soft ruffles along the neckline. I wish there were better/more photos of this whole look. Also... this whole ensemble is very "on trend" right now... which I love and don't love. I love that vintage styles from the past that I are my go to inspirations are trending because I see more and more women dressing in this more feminine delicate way. But then...when the trend passes... lol, eh...who cares. I'll still rock all the eyelet white romantic feminine tops. 

Image source: Pinterest via They All Hate Us (but the link doesn't work)

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