Gathering Inspiration for Market!

Last June Adored Vintage started selling primarily modern vintage inspired clothing in the shop and last August was my first real go at a fashion convention! I attended a show in Vegas (one of the largest!) and it was so exciting (and scary) and so dang tiring! But I was so energized by seeing all the upcoming collections and meeting designers and brand and showroom reps. It really was like POWER SHOPPING.

Next week we head off "To Market" which is the industry term for all of these fashion conventions that happen around the world. There are several markets that happen in the USA and around the world and maybe someday we'll be able to go to the markets in France...ahh wouldn't that be a dream?

Gathering Inspiration for Market!

Gathering Inspiration for Market!

Gathering Inspiration for Market!

Anyhow, last August before I went to market I started journaling about my inspirations for what styles I wanted to keep an eye out for. I started looking at different sources of inspiration from art, paintings, vintage photographs, favorite films... 

This time around Devon and I are both attending Market so we've spent a lot of time these past few weeks gathering inspiration for what sort of clothes the Adored Vintage girl could be wearing for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2019 season. (We'll be looking at some Fall and Winter 2019 styles too, eek!)

We definitely want to bring in more softer muted pastels, Adored Vintage tends to carry a lot of super neutral clothes, which we always will carry, but for the upcoming seasons we are going to challenge ourselves by bringing in more colors inspired by the 1930s.

Here at AV we get emails inquiring where we get our inspiration for our clothing and often times so many of you assume we make and design our own clothes (someday perhaps, but we'll cross that bridge when and if we want to) because the vintage inspired dresses and tops we carry in the shop fit the Adored Vintage feminine and romantic aesthetic so well. 

This is a HUGE compliment for me as it lets me know that I am doing a good job of selecting styles that resonate with the story I have created for Adored Vintage and that you are helping create and shape with each new garment we send to you.

As we prepare to depart for Market, we are keeping in mind all our different inspirations. From soft colors from an 18th century still life painting, to a photograph of a flower seller in 1880s Paris, to vintage photographs of friends during WWII wearing crisp white tops and simple a-line skirts... 

Our inspirations come from so many different sources that inspire us. We rarely look at fashion magazines and most of the trend reports we get via e-mail or mail we chuck in the trash. 

To me, and hopefully to you, Adored Vintage is a shop for clothes you want to wear now and clothes you want to keep wearing as you evolve and change. They are clothes your core person wants to wear. I want to sell the kind of clothes that resonate with your true being, not just the temporary delights of "for right now". I hope that makes sense. 

Our Spring 2019 Inspiration for Market!

Our Spring 2019 Inspiration for Market!

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