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Ode to Georgia...

Your sweeping landscapes, your study of flowers and nature in abstract form, and of course your effortless and enduring style are just a few of the legacies you've left for the rest of time to draw inspiration from. Does one need a special reason to celebrate this iconic artist other than that today is Friday, the birds are out, and there's a warm breeze in the air? Not likely. 

Adored Vintage is founded upon the pursuit of timeless, vintage inspired clothing that inspires a woman to chase her idea of feminine beauty but more importantly live the life she's always imagined. We believe in clothing that inspires a lovely thought, a memory, or an idea to realize a future dream. While we adore novelty prints and fun patterns, there is something magical to finding one's essential uniform, the epicenter of one's style that is simple and minimal on which one can build to foster their colorful personality. Georgia O'Keeffe found that magic and harnessed it to create her personal style that continues to inspire artists, mothers, friends, adventurers to date. Please, join us in appreciating the woman coined as the "Mother of American Modernism" and learn a few tricks to channel her timeless style. 

Style Inspiration / Georgie O'KeeffeHer Style 

Just like her abstractions of magnified flowers and natural elements, Georgia is known for a simple and evocative personal style that set her apart from the norms and trends of her time, creating almost an abstraction of what a woman can or ought to be. She was known for cultivating (and sometimes designing and sewing herself) a wardrobe of loose fitting but finely tailored suits and outfits made of simple, elegant, and minimal pieces, creating an overall effortless effect

Below she wears timelessly stylish outfits made up of simple separates in classic stripes or gingham and in light colors. She pairs these with denim jeans or midi skirts. We love the balance of feminine and masculine that this classic combo creates. Not to mention, it's entirely comfortable and practical along with looking lovely. 

Style Inspiration / Georgia O'Keeffe

Style Inspiration / Georgia O'Keeffe

How to Get The Style

To channel a bit of Georgia's mastery of simplicity, you'll need to collect a few basics: think layers, and think neutrals. Creating different outfits from the same 10 or so pieces of clothing will be all the easier if everything sits together well within the same color palette. We love creams, dusty greys and soft browns but "neutrals" can be more diverse than that! Earthy olive and mustard tones, cool slate greys and blues, even blush pinks and sunset colors. Within that, there are hundreds of shades--go with the ones that make you feel most inspired and beautiful. 

We love separates that are easy to pair and build up with layers: midi dresses, midi skirts, solid tops to tuck in or tie at the waist, and comfy cardigans and jackets. 

Style Inspiration / Georgia O'Keeffe / How To Style Neutral Basics

Featured: Cafe Corners Cardigan, Thoughtful Pose Dress, Soft Happenstance Top 

Style Inspiration / Georgia O'Keeffe / How To Style Neutral Basics Featured: In Residence Skirt, Orchard Plans Skirt, Claudel at the Easel Skirt


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Read more about Georgia O'Keeffe at the official O'Keeffe Museum Site!



Our Style Muse articles feature inspiring women from history and modern day who capture the essence of Adored Vintage's favorite quote, "Live the life you always imagined" (Thoreau). Sometimes an outfit inspires an adventure, sometimes your favorite adventures are remembered by the dress or cardigan you were wearing. In any case, we like to research and share information about women who have already paved the way to living truest to oneself... independent, creative, driven, daring, unconventional, and timelessly beautiful.

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