Pretty Films: Stealing Beauty

Liv Tyler is the beautiful and virginal Lucy Harmon, a young woman in search of answers about her past. Armed with a journal from her deceased mother that contains clues to the identity of who her father is, she boards a train during the summer to an idyllic remote Italian villa... 

Pretty Films: Stealing Beauty 1996 Liv Tyler

Bernardo Bertolucci's film "Stealing Beauty" is beautifully evocative. It is a very pretty film about a very pretty girl surrounded by a very pretty landscape. So, obviously, this film is one of our top movies to watch when we want something lovely to swoon over and feel like escaping. 

Pretty Films: Stealing Beauty, 1996, Liv Tyler

Pretty Films: Stealing Beauty, 1996, Liv Tyler

The scenes are so sensual. You can practically feel the sun on your own skin, you can hear the echo of footsteps and laughter in the ancient fresco painted walls, you can taste the cherries, smell the wildflowers... 

Storywise, and I'm no film critic, it's a bit lackluster. Characters are not really fully developed and often times I found myself wondering "Why do I care about these people?" 

But really, this movie isn't about that, for me anyway. It's just SO PRETTY to look at. If this movie pulls at your aesthetic heartstrings at all, then you know you're an AV Girl! Floral dresses, romantic carefree hairstyles, walks through meadows, picking wildflowers, ballet flats... I mean come on!

Pretty Films: Stealing Beauty, 1996, Liv Tyler

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