Romantic Country Home Inspirations

My heart will always be drawn to the countryside and from my wardrobe, my home, and to the garments I choose for Adored Vintage, you will always notice bits of that romantic country influence. To me the country aesthetic is absolutely timeless and classic. There is such a warmth and a comfort to country style that I think many of us find so welcoming and inviting. I want Adored Vintage and the clothes we carry in the shop to have that same appeal...classic prints and florals, tried and true colors, soft tones and timeless silhouettes and shapes... 

Romantic Country Home Inspirations

Romantic Country Home Inspiration and Decorating Ideas

Since I've been working from home more often and still working through our Spring Cleaning Checklist, I've been more in the mood to do some rearranging and redecorating, but sadly all the antique shops and retail stores in Portland are dreaming and planning will just have to suffice.

"The magic of country style is that it is created from elements which sound almost too wholesome to be appetizing - naturalness, honesty of design, directness, non-exhibitionism - yet it has more warmth and broad appeal than any other style." - from International Country by Judith and Martin Miller c. 1990

I am always careful not to get overly floral or overly romantic when it comes to country home inspirations because it can get shabby chic too quickly. I like the Shabby Chic look, but it's definitely a little "too girly" for me and sometimes I find it a little too cluttered and layered with fuss for my personal taste. I always think when it comes to country inspired style, less is more. The patina of an old crock filled with wildflowers or dried stems is a center point enough. Perhaps a pairing of a contrast ticking stripe on a pillow case or tablecloth will create the right balance.

Floral on floral on floral...too much! And of course you want to be careful with not overdoing it on pastels. Keep your hues muted and inspired by natural fading from years of being out in the sun. 

Romantic Country Home Inspiration and Decorating Ideas

12 Things Every Romantic Country Inspired Home Should Have:

Lace curtains
Ditsy floral prints preferably in muted red, blue, or mustard yellow
Something painted sage green or faded robin's egg blue
Crochet details
A rocking chair or wicker chair
Needlepoint throw pillows
Antique ceramic or porcelain pitchers as vases
Micro gingham prints or ticking stripe
Shiplap walls
Vintage and antique quilts
Frilly pillow covers

Romantic Country Home Inspirations & Decor Ideas

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