Shop News: New International Countries, Branding, and Giving Back

Good morning lovely! So many small and big changes happening at Adored Vintage lately. I want to begin by stating how grateful I am and feel ALL THE TIME that I get to do all this and call it my job. I've been doing this for quite a long time and entering into a new season of so much growth and potential. Exciting and yes, a bit terrifying. 

New International Countries Added to Ship To!

After receiving email requests for different countries, I have added several new countries that Adored Vintage now ships to including Latvia, Hungary, Argentina, and Morocco. 

New postcards and custom floral illustrations!

You'll start to see some of the pretty custom floral illustrations around the site and on postcards my friend (who is a super talented graphics designer) Laurel Autumn created for Adored Vintage! The process was so much fun and I literally squealed when Laurel sent me a preview of the florals! The new postcards should be arriving on Friday along with other printed materials that I hadn't had time to design then order.'s all a process!

Giving Back for May

At the start of June I chose a new classroom that needed funding through Donors Choose. This month I picked Mrs. Shinagawa's PreK-2 class in purchasing some audio materials so her students could better learn English through songs and poetry. Mrs. Shinagawa teaches at the most diverse school in the Portland district and they have the highest population of kiddos that are learning to speak English. I can't even imagine that extra challenge the teachers at Harrison Park have to face! Seriously, teachers deserve so much more appreciation, support, and frankly MONEY. They are educating our future!

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