Wardrobe Stories / Chapter 7

Oh summer does cast her own magic spell and you with your love for Autumn cannot help but long with a slight sigh on your berry stained lips for those cool winds, moody mornings with the signs of rain, and leaves turning shades of gold, rust, and amber. 

Perhaps this is why on this uncommon cool summer evening you're especially excited to snuggle into a cozy new lightweight sweater (though it should be noted that you're still barefoot in the grass) while you await the symphony at dusk conducted by the neighborhood birds. 

Timeless, romantic, and feminine clothing boutique, Adored Vintage

Here at Adored Vintage it is our ardent hope that our online women's clothing boutique always has a selection of timeless, romantic, and feminine clothing and accessories inspired by vintage and stories from the past. We hope the carefully selected wares from our shop inspires you to live a life of simple attainable beauty and a life you have imagined for yourself.

This Week's Story Features...

By The Hearth Sweater / romantic vintage inspired cream ruffled knit sweater cardigan

Bloom Anew Dress / feminine vintage Gunne Sax inspired taupe floral midi sundress

Time of Tulips Scarf / pretty tulip floral print cotton handkerchief scarf

Vintage Inspired Ruffle Knit Cardigan Sweater Romantic vintage inspired Gunne Sax style midi dress

Pretty vintage inspired tulip floral print cotton handkerchief scarf

Timeless, romantic, and feminine clothing boutique, Adored Vintage

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