A Rosy Outlook

It was such a pretty and sunny day at the Adored Vintage headquarters today! The sun was streaming in through the windows and casting a pretty light on everything. Days like these makes me pinch myself. 

I snapped several photos of the workday...well the pretty bits anyway... I doubt you'd think my running back and forth to the hallway sink to refill my steamer with water was pretty... 

Adored Vintage / Vintage and Vintage Inspired Clothing for Romantic Feminine Women

Tomorrow I'm going to be shooting several new vintage and vintage inspired pieces for the shop, so this week's shop arrivals are decidedly very feminine, very romantic, and quite rosy and sweet. 

Ahh...the beaded dress above... not for sale. It's part of my personal collection I suppose though I never ever wear it nor will I ever. Maybe one of these days I will. Though, I got to do something about the bit of winter weight I put on. This beaded stunner has a 22" waist! Hot diggity damn!

Adored Vintage / Vintage and Vintage Inspired Clothing / Romantic and Feminine Style

Detail of Couture Vintage 1950s Beaded Evening Dress / Adored Vintage

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