Seventies Romantic Peasant Style Inspiration

We adore feminine and romantic clothing and while there are several time periods in history that play up these looks really well, we have a soft spot for the folky peasant inspired fashions of the 1970s.

The image above was originally from a January 1973 issue of Seventeen magazine and included the caption: "Now’s the time to get sewing for spring, to stitch up dresses in just about the prettiest, girl-test prints ever." (source)

This folk inspired romantic illustration above depicts a young woman in a printed 1970s halter dress carrying a bouquet of flowers and walking barefoot. Our ideal sort of woman... from Seventee July 1973. ‘Summer’s enchanted evenings call for airy bareness on top, full skirt coverage below." (source)

These images are from a Betsey Johnson and Butterick collaboration sewing pattern. I've recently gotten into sewing my own clothes using vintage patterns and this is a vintage sewing pattern from the 1970s I would love to recreate, but probably in a midi dress version. (source / source )

These pale romantic folk inspired 1970s dresses above are from a December 1970 issue of Seventeen magazine. It has the caption "December 1970. ‘Return to yesterday today for a cameo look that shines – whipped in creamy lace and satin froths." (source)

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