Vintage to Modern: Edwardian & Victorian Tops

One of the reasons I adore vintage clothing so much is that really good vintage clothing is absolutely timeless! When new collections from the runways start rolling out I can't help but notice all the nods to fashions of the past. 

When selecting the vintage inspired clothing in my shop I always have a vintage reference in mind. So rather than keeping these ideas and inspiration photos in my head (they're actually all in my Pinterest boards!) I thought I would collect and share them in this cohesive way. 

Haha, and who are we kidding, we all know how much I love making collages! 

So the first installment of Vintage to Modern are Edwardian and Victorian blouse inspirations! To note this usually means higher necklines, lace, ruffles, maybe a puff sleeve (can't you just hear Anne Shirley say "pufffff sleeeeeves are my life!!")

My goal at Adored Vintage is for you to be able to purchase original one of a kind vintage clothing, but if that's not your cup of tea, then you can purchase modern clothing inspired by these timeless styles. 

Hope you like this new feature!