A Season of Change

Hello, hello!

It has been a long time coming...but Adored Vintage has finally entered into modern times with this brand spanking new website!

Other than the design being completely new (although not that far fetched from the old design, because really, how different can e-commerce designs be?) there are so many new SPIFFY features! 

Fancy New Features 

  1. Adored Vintage is now MOBILE friendly! (About dang time!)
  2. Our shopping cart is now being powered by Shopify (Woop! Woop!)
  3. Shop Vintage by SIZE (this was the most requested feature!), by Price (second most requested), and by Era.
  4. Super Zoom + Zoom Hover over Detail Product Photos
  5. Quick Shop (ahh... I'm still trying to figure out the kinks in this one...)

Shop Changes

  1. Adored Vintage no longer has product names. I know...this makes me kind of sad, but I may bring them back in the future. But sometimes, naming products would take me too dang long! 
  2. More Focus on Vintage Inspired Clothing! I have gotten such wonderful feedback from you gals about the Modern clothing that I will be regularly adding vintage inspired clothing (aiming for every other week...) and expanding to Modern Accessories & Shoes in the very near future. 

 So why all the new changes? The big question I have been asking myself over and over again, for nearly a year now, is "Where do you see yourself a year from now?" And to be honest, my answer wasn't "Selling Vintage Clothing." (Which kind of scared me to admit and to say it out loud.)

I see Adored Vintage adapting, growing, and changing as I myself am adapting, changing, and growing. I see Adored Vintage as a community of like minded women. Feminine and a feminist. Romantic. Modern thinking but respectful of and honors the past. Inclusive, kind, generous.  In my mind, Adored Vintage COULD be and SHOULD be more. And it should be PRETTY (obviously). But most importantly pretty for MORE THAN just ONE woman. In ONE size. In ONE color. 

In closing...Welcome to the new Adored Vintage. I am so happy you are here and along for the journey!

Bons baisers,
Rodellee Bas