About Vintage Clothing

The definition of vintage clothing spans across a large spectrum today from a 1920s silk flapper dress to a late 1990s floral babydoll dress.

Vintage means pre-loved and in most cases pre-worn. One simple definition of what is considereing VINTAGE is if the garment/item in question is at least 20 years or older. And with antique clothing, it must be 80 years or older.

It is safe to say something from the 1970s and earlier is definitely vintage, while the 1980s and 1990s (despite making the 20-30 year old cut) can sometimes turn up the nose of a vintage aficionado.

The antique and vintage clothing that we sell here at Adored Vintage has a story and has had another life before it reaches you. We hand select each vintage item for the way it captures the essence of what vintage means to us and to you, the Adored Vintage woman. Our vintage and antique wares evokes femininity, romance, and nostalgia.

It is important to note that most vintage clothing will show small signs of wear and some pieces display noticeable wear since vintage clothing is almost always a pre-worn item. We find the little "flaws" that show up in vintage clothing helps to add to the character and story of that garment. It makes us wonder "how did this spot get here, or this tear? What was this woman doing in that TIME, in that SPACE, when this happened?"


Vintage clothing is a way to tangibly reconnect with the past. Like it's own mini time machine of floral prints, soft ruffles, and lace.


Each garment is carefully inspected for flaws before it is listed for sale and we try to describe all items in every detail and provide multiple photos of the garment shot at different angles. Measurements and things of note are detailed in each product description.

Our vintage clothing are dated to a specific era to the best of our ability and we have a special place in our hearts for feminine and romantic silhouettes from an antique Edwardian dress with broderie anglaise or a 1970s muted floral bohemian dress decked with ruffles. 

Please pay close attention to measurements given for each garment as we do not give refunds for items that do not fit. Estimated sizes are meant only as a guideline and the best way to gauge fit of a vintage garment from our shop is to compare the measurements to an item you already own that fits you well.