Adored Vintage Retail Store


Adored Vintage Women's Clothing & Vintage Boutique Portland Oregon

Soft Opening - Saturday, November 2nd

Our Retail Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

1121 SE 2nd Avenue, Portland OR

Adored Vintage Women's Clothing & Vintage Boutique Portland Oregon

We are so excited to announce the opening of the first ever Adored Vintage brick & mortar shop in Portland, Oregon!

Here at Adored Vintage, we treasure the little things. A bloom pressed between pages of a book of poems, the sound of soft rain falling on a tin roof, the sigh of a summer breeze as it floats through one's hair, and the thrill of a garment transporting you to another era, or another place. We believe in the pursuit of beauty wherever you are, no matter how simple or fleeting the moment may be. 

And now you will be able to experience our little slice of beauty in person in our first ever retail women's clothing boutique. Come by and browse our wares that we have carefully selected to inspire the life you have always imagined.

What Will I Find at the Adored Vintage Shop et Atelier?

  • A selection of vintage inspired clothing to browse in person and try on in our simply lovely AV fitting rooms
  • A pick-yourself dried flower bar held at our Victorian garden stand. Select dried blooms by the stem or have us arrange a little bouquet for you, for an everlasting gift to loved ones or a keepsake for yourself.
  • A corner mini cafe to order and sip warm beverages and nibble on handmade treats
  • Our collection of wellness and beauty items for feeling lovely inside and out. Even try some of our products at the Victorian washing stand!
  • On-call measuring service. Do you know your measurements? Allow one of the AV ladies to measure you and jot down the numbers for you to keep on hand for future shopping. After all, "standard sizes" are arbitrary and inconsistent. Measurements are factual! 

Of course, that's only a handful of features that we'll share for now...after all, we can't give everything away just yet! You'll just have to come by and see for yourself in person!