AV Color Palette

Here are descriptions and samples of the colors we use to describe our garments here at Adored Vintage. You can shop by color on our product pages with the sidebar sort filters.

Beige: The color beige can be a combination of yellow, grey, and brown and we often used it to describe colors that are lighter tan with grey undertones. Beige colors tend to be a true neutral color that are neither too warm or too cool.

Blush: The color blush is a cross between cream and pale pink usually with a warmer undertone.

Burgundy: The color bugundy is a deep reddish brown color with slight violet undertones. Can sometimes be seen as maroon, though maroon is more brown with red.

Buttercream: The color buttercream is a cream with soft yellow tones either warm or cool.

Camel: The color camel is a richer brown hue with warm notes of orange and yellow.

Celadon: The color celadon is a pale blue green color and is somtimes referred to as a pale and muted mint hue.

Chartreuse: The color chartreuse is a soft yellow green color that is either nuetral or a bit on the warmer side.

Clay: The color clay is an earthy pinkish brown color sometimes with a hint of orange.

Ivory: The color ivory is a softer white color but lighter than cream. It is sometimes referred to as off white.

Lilac: The color lilac is a soft and delicate purple with more pink undertones than blue.

Mauve: The color mauve is a soft purple hue with grey or light brown undertones.









Sage: The color sage is a soft green with a hint of grey and sometimes a bit of yellow and blue. 

Spring: The color spring is a light green color with a hint of yellow like the color of fresh growth of leaves.