Our Story

At Adored Vintage it is our ardent hope to inspire women to embody the simple, attainable beauty of everyday endeavors.

Adored Vintage began in 2012 as an online vintage clothing store where founder Rodellee Bas curated romantic and feminine vintage clothing for the modern woman. After years of exclusively selling vintage, Adored Vintage expanded into offering modern vintage-inspired clothing and accessories.

Adored Vintage is the pursuit of all things feminine, romantic and nostalgic. AV stands for the woman who values her relationships, is passionate about living a meaningful peace filled life, and understands that it isn't about the label of the dress she's wearing, but rather the life she's living in that dress.

She's the type of woman who will stop to smell the roses and pauses to enjoy the sound of rain on her window sill. Living a life of awareness and intention is ingrained in the essence of AV as our Founder imbues that "joie de vivre" into everything we do.

Born in the Philippines, Rodellee had very humble beginnings spending equal time on her Tatay's (Grandfather's) farm tending to livestock and living in her family's multi-generational home without modern plumbing or conveniences. She attributes her island country childhood to her deep rooted love for simple quiet living.

"I'm inspired by art, history, wide open fields, and of course flowers. I love sharing things of beauty and telling stories. Adored Vintage allows me to do just that." - Rodellee Bas

At AV, we invite you to appreciate the enchanting nuance of everyday moments and embrace the truest version of who you are and how you want to be. Our hope is that our clothing inspires you to go and live the life you've always imagined for yourself.