Q&A: Who, What, Where, & Why & Other Inquiries

All your other frequently asked questions about Adored Vintage, who we are, what it's like to work at Adored Vintage, how we give back to the community, how to collaborate with us...

WHO owns Adored Vintage?

Adored Vintage is owned by Rodellee Bas, you can read more about our founder in her own words here: My Story.

WHAT is Adored Vintage?

Adored Vintage is a women's clothing retailer and lifestyle brand that was started in 2004 as a hobby of selling vintage and antique clothing on eBay. In 2018, Adored Vintage began to sell modern contemporary clothing alongside a few select vintage and antique finds.

WHERE is Adored Vintage based out of?

Adored Vintage is currently based out of Portland, Oregon. 

WHY did Adored Vintage start selling modern clothing?

Adored Vintage started selling modern clothing to offer our dedicated online shoppers with feminine and timeless clothing that had the appearance of vintage but at affordable prices, multiple sized, and in less delicate fabrics and condition.