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Hello! Bonjour! Kumasta naman ka? My name is Rodellee (it sounds like Natalie, but with a Rod) and this is my shop! Thank you for being here! Kumusta naman ka is "How are you?" in my native tongue, Cebuano. Yep, I'm a first generation immigrant who moved to the USA in the early 90s feeling like the LUCKIEST little girl in my village because I was going to America!

On this page you'll get to know more about Adored Vintage, my shop! A quick history of how I got started and also my vision and purpose for having this online shop. Oh, and yes, you'll get to know me a little better too; a flower loving, dress wearing, once upon a time ballerina college dropout who sometime in 2004 thought it would be cool to sell clothes on the internet...

1992 Immigrated to America (New York). Would pinch myself sometimes because I didn't believe I really lived in America. Saw The Little Mermaid for the first time, immediately felt kinship with Ariel's hoarding collecting sensibilities.
1999 Built my first website. Thought it was super awesome. (Glitter background + midi files, come on!)
2003 Dropped out of Texas A&M University (disappoint parents immensely) and moved to Budapest, Hungary. Adventures of clueless 19 year old thinking she knows all the things ensues.
2004 Move back to Texas, attempts returning to school. Decide to become a dance teacher instead for preschoolers. Start selling vintage on eBay to make room in my closet. Disappoint parents for second time.
2010 Working full time as E-commerce Dept. Manager at a fashion production company in Los Angeles. Spent nights and weekends at 200 sq ft studio in downtown L.A. building up Adored Vintage. Had 4 racks of clothes.
2011 Left full time job in fashion to focus on Adored Vintage. Bought my first Apple computer (fancy) and got a new studio in Long Beach, CA that was 800 sq ft. Had 30 racks of clothes at one point. Crazy.
2013 Adored Vintage became an official LLC. Got first part time assistant. Started dabbling in selling vintage inspired clothing. Outgrew studio moved into 2000 sq ft studio. Had my first six figure year! (OMG!) Started providing wardrobe for TV shows and fashion designers. Traveled around the country on vintage buying trips. Loving life and work, was working all day everyday and kind of got addicted to the hustle of selling beautiful things.
2014 Hit my first burn out moment. Moved to Portland, brought the business back home. Lived real life a bit. Got engaged. Planned a wedding.
2015 Got married. Got a new studio/office, got a new assistant, started selling vintage inspired clothing again and getting back into work mode.
2018 Closed a brick and mortar, no assistant (back to working solo), working on making Adored Vintage your best source for feminine, romantic clothing. Loving life.

Wearer of many hats...

Adored Vintage is operated by one gal, that's me! I wear ALL the hats (obviously love the straw ones...) of the business. Want to know what it's like to run an online vintage shop? You can check out the box below of just SOME of the things I do every week... this may be a small time operation, but the amount of work and heart I put into doing ALL THE THINGS amounts to quite a lot! I love what I do, so often I can't believe this is my job! And I am also keenly aware I wouldn't be where I am today with my shop without YOUR support and also shared love for all things feminine, romantic, and lovely.
My Many Hats: From being the "Buying Director" to the "Creative Director" to "Photographer" to "Janitor"...

Running an online boutique selling vintage and vintage inspired clothing is no easy feat especially when you're a one woman show. Every week I go source vintage clothing, review linesheets for new modern clothing, fullfill orders, prep products to be photographed, spend hours editing photos, produce content for social media, answer customer service questions and emails, mend and repair vintage and antique clothing, hand wash vintage clothes, schedule newsletters and write blog posts, interact with the Adored Vintage audience, maintain and update the website, clean the stock room, take out the trash... it goes on and on... but to this day it still MAKES ME SO HAPPY!