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It all began with dancing...

Adored Vintage - About Us - Vintage and Vintage Inspired Clothing

Hi everyone! Rodellee here... and I'm going to quickly share with you the Adored Vintage story...

In 2004, I was a part time dance teacher for toddlers and elementary kids in Dallas, TX and also attempted to be a college student (again) having dropped out of Texas A&M University two years prior. The main office for the company I worked for was (conveniently) right across the street from two vintage shops. So, I would pop in the shops every week or so and buy myself a little treat. 

After awhile I started poking around on eBay selling some of my clothes that I didn't want anymore which included some of the vintage I had purchased. I really disliked the look and feel of eBay so I thought why not design and build my own website that I would enjoy browsing through.

FUN FACT (also nerd alert): I honed most of my web development skills building websites for characters I had in different MMORPGs. At one point while playing Star Wars Galaxies, I had created an online store for my character in the game who was a Tailor. Other players could order through my website and I would craft the items and deliver them in the game. Fascinating. I know. But hey, gotta start somewhere.

I wasn't on eBay very long and instead built my own website based on my own personal taste and aesthetic (the website was very pink and very floral). Selling vintage clothing online was a completely new idea back then but very quickly online vintage shops started cropping up like wildfire. 

 It wasn't until 2009 or so that I really started to think I could do Adored Vintage full time. I mean, at that point, it was more of a hobby I did out of my living room. I would find pretty things, sell them online, then go buy more pretty things.

In 2010 I got a full time job working for a fashion production company in Los Angeles where I got to manage and develop the web department for a super trendy clothing line. The job was very challenging at times (I cried my first week there, and that wouldn't be the last time), but I learned so much during my time there. 

By 2011 I knew I wanted to pursue Adored Vintage full time and I started dreaming and planning on how this could be possible. At the end of September I left my full time job and dove head first into becoming my own boss. 

And so the adventures of being an online shopkeeper selling vintage and vintage inspired clothing continue...