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About us

About Us


Vintage & Vintage Inspired

For more than a decade, we have worked towards fine tuning our eye in finding special vintage pieces. We have traveled around the world searching for product that is old, beautifully constructed, and one of a kind. Alongside our curated collection of antique and vintage items, we also offer hand selected vintage inspired clothing and accessories. We love that vintage inspired pieces come in multiple sizes and are much more updated in silhouettes and fabrics. Our team works to provide pieces that represent your feminine, romantic, classic, and folky style sensibilities.

Meet Rodellee

Rodellee Bas is the founder and owner of Adored Vintage. Rodellee grew up on her grandfather's farm in the Philippines. Spending her childhood surrounded by nature is the primary influence of her love for its omnipotent beauty, an aspect that largely influences AV. As a young girl she immigrated to the United States with her mother and lived in New England. It was the time she spent with her aunts in New York State that established her love and romantic view of the past. Throughout her life she has worked in fashion and e-commerce (and at one point was a pre-school dance teacher). In the early 2000s she started Adored Vintage and has dedicated her life to it since. Rodellee lives in Portland, ORE with her husband and their dog, Robert Redford.



Each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to Childrens International & Tumaini Hope International. Adored Vintage also donates and supports the Canaan Eco Tourism Farm, a small, eco-friendly and all organic non-profit farm started by Lia Bas (Rodellee's mother). Canaan Eco Tourism Farm provides jobs for local villagers, education for children and adults on sustainability, and food for the rural mountain community.