Ancestral Florals Bag

Vintage 1950s Austrian needlepoint purse

Vintage 1950s Austrian needlepoint purse in gorgeous copper color with vibrant florals on front and...
Sorin Needlepoint Clutch

vintage 1950s black needlepoint clutch

Vintage 1950s black and cream floral needlepoint clutch with snap tab closure. Fully lined in...
Simple Posies Purse

vintage 1930s Belgian beaded purse

Vintage 1930s pretty beaded Belgian purse with soft pastel hued florals on the front and...
De Foix Purse

vintage 1930s French beaded purse

It's Friday night and you have tickets to the ballet. You're all dolled up wearing...
Lingering In Lyon Clutch

vintage 1930s green multi color knit clutch

You clutch this purse in your hands as you wander the bookshops of Lyon. The...
Stars in the Mist Purse

vintage 1930s French beaded small evening bag

You don't usually require a special reason to get dressed up, but this evening is...
Bloom Variation Bag

vintage 1940s tapestry bag with celluloid frame

Vintage 1940s pretty floral tapestry handbag with a brass snap enclosure. Features chain linked caramel...
Petite Etoile Purse

vintage 1930s art deco small French purse

Vintage early 1930s French art deco beaded coin purse with shell inspired shape and stars...
vintage 1940s brown leather reptile skin purse

Classic vintage 40s "Bellestone" hard frame purse in brown leather lizard reptile skin. Vintage 40s...
vintage 1930s celluloid frame chainmail bag

Vintage late 1930s off white chain mail purse with beautiful light yellow celluloid frame. This...
vintage 1940s navy blue celluloid "lips" lock purse

Vintage 1940s navy blue purse with large lips shaped clear celluloid detail on lock closure....
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