Bright Peonies Scarf

vintage large peony floral print silk scarf

Vintage scarf featuring vibrant pink and muted gold design. This large silk square scarf would...
Great Comforts Scarf

vintage cinnamon red soft long winter scarf

The softness of this vintage scarf will make the bitter winter winds more bearable and...
Wherever You Bloom Scarf

vintage pink and yellow vibrant floral scarf

With this vibrant pink and yellow floral print, it's as if you're carrying around the...
Home Companion Scarf

vintage olive peach striped floral scarf

This vintage 1970s scarf will add just a hint of color with its drab olive...
Trafalgar Square Scarf

vintage horse and carriage novelty print silk scarf

Add a bit of whimsy to your look with this vintage 1950s novelty print scarf...
Scattered Autumn Robe

Vintage inspired tan autumn floral kimono robe. This pretty floral robe is lightweight and airy...
vintage grey cream black plaid scarf

Vintage plaid scarf with grey, cream, and black. Vintage long rectangular scarf has fringed ends...
vintage 1970s brown highlands plaid shawl

Vintage brown plaid shawl with a very rustic Highlands feel to it. This triangular vintage...
vintage 1980s peach poppy print Vera scarf

Vintage 1980s light peach Vera scarf with large poppy flower print. This vintage scarf would...
Vintage and vintage inspired scarves & shawls