Heliotrope Shawl

feminine lightweight purple shawl

Feminine and pretty scarf is a flowy lightweight viscose in such a pretty hue of orchid...
Playing Favorites Scarf

vintage liberty of london silk scarf

Vintage Liberty of London silk scarf. This vintage silk floral scarf is made in England...
Morning Glory Scarf

vintage 1960s morning glory floral scarf

Vintage 1960s morning glory floral scarf. This vintage 1960s scarf was made in Japan. It...
Tour the Canals Scarf

vintage 1970s paisley print scarf

Vintage 1970s brown maroon paisley print scarf. This vintage 1970s scarf is a mocha brown...
Parlor Pleasantries Scarf

vintage 1940s novelty bows silk scarf

Vintage 1940s novelty scarf in unique circular shape featuring green, sky blue, and orange bows on...
Balmoral Thistle Bandana

vintage 1980s thistles bandana scarf

Vintage 1980s vibrant thistle print bandana scarf with monogram and Balmoral imprint. This souvenir scarf...
Souvenir de Marquise Shawl

antique 1910s celadon green silk shawl

Antique 1920s (possibly earlier) celadon green silk shawl. This antique shawl is the most beautiful...
Bright Mystique Shawl

vintage 1970s silk boho piano shawl

Vintage 1970s silk embroidered piano shawl. This beautiful bohemian vintage piano shawl features embroidered flowers...
Home Companion Scarf

vintage olive peach striped floral scarf

This vintage 1970s scarf will add just a hint of color with its drab olive...
vintage 1970s brown highlands plaid shawl

Vintage brown plaid shawl with a very rustic Highlands feel to it. This triangular vintage...
vintage 1960s Vera orange novelty animal print scarf

Vintage 1960s Vera novelty print scarf in orange and brown. This vintage 60s large square...
vintage 1980s khaki yellow paisley print scarf

Vintage 1980s khaki tan and yellow paisley print square scarf. Vintage scarf would look charming...
Vintage and vintage inspired scarves & shawls