Garden Social Scarf

vintage rose patterned neck scarf

Vintage rose and lilac clad square silk kerchief. Could be worn as a shawl, tied...
Forgotten Sonnets Shawl

vintage 1920s embroidered cream silk piano shawl

Rifling through your father's record collection, you come across an old familiar cover and decide...
Plaisir d'Amour Scarf

vintage 1970s pink brown squares kerchief scarf

This peach & plum vintage 1970s silky neck scarf is tied effortlessly around your hair...
Great Comforts Scarf

vintage cinnamon red soft long winter scarf

The softness of this vintage scarf will make the bitter winter winds more bearable and...
Home Companion Scarf

vintage olive peach striped floral scarf

This vintage 1970s scarf will add just a hint of color with its drab olive...
Scattered Autumn Robe

Vintage inspired tan autumn floral kimono robe. This pretty floral robe is lightweight and airy...
vintage 1970s brown highlands plaid shawl

Vintage brown plaid shawl with a very rustic Highlands feel to it. This triangular vintage...
vintage 1980s peach poppy print Vera scarf

Vintage 1980s light peach Vera scarf with large poppy flower print. This vintage scarf would...
vintage 1960s Vera orange novelty animal print scarf

Vintage 1960s Vera novelty print scarf in orange and brown. This vintage 60s large square...
Vintage and vintage inspired scarves & shawls