Somewhere in Time Gloves

vintage 1930s crochet gloves with flounce hem

Wicker produce basket in hand, you take your weekly stroll through the market in search...
Evening Falls Heels

vintage 1930s black suede cutout oxford heels

Vintage black suede oxford heels with small rectangular cutouts throughout the vamp and a 3"...
Garden Social Scarf

vintage rose patterned neck scarf

Vintage rose and lilac clad square silk kerchief. Could be worn as a shawl, tied...
Stars in the Mist Purse

vintage 1930s French beaded small evening bag

You don't usually require a special reason to get dressed up, but this evening is...
Forgotten Sonnets Shawl

vintage 1920s embroidered cream silk piano shawl

Rifling through your father's record collection, you come across an old familiar cover and decide...
Bloom Variation Bag

vintage 1940s tapestry bag with celluloid frame

Vintage 1940s pretty floral tapestry handbag with a brass snap enclosure. Features chain linked caramel...
Roseate Barrettes

vintage 1940s rose peach barrettes set

Perfect for adorning your wet set locks, these rose peach hair barrettes fasten with metal backs and...
Plaisir d'Amour Scarf

vintage 1970s pink brown squares kerchief scarf

This peach & plum vintage 1970s silky neck scarf is tied effortlessly around your hair...
Society Games Hat

vintage 1930s black wide brim straw hat

You're wearing your new vintage 1930s hat with it's wide brim, mesh insert, and seeminly...
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