Love Sonnets Fascinator

vintage 1940s dusty rose fascinator hat

Vintage 1940s dusty rose pink fascinator hat. This romantic hair accessory features pink heart shaped...
Society Games Hat

vintage 1930s black wide brim straw hat

You're wearing your new vintage 1930s hat with it's wide brim, mesh insert, and seeminly...
vintage 1930s straw hat with navy blue ribbon

Vintage 1930s pretty summer straw hat with split curve design on the back. This vintage...
vintage 1940s light brown velvet bow fascinator

Vintage 1940s dusty pink/brown silk velvet fascinator with two bows forming a circlet. This vintage...
vintage 1940s grey squirrel fur hat with ribbon ties

Vintage 1940s grey squirrel fur hat with ribbon ties. This antique hat sits on the...
antique 1880s Victorian black mourning floral hat

Antique 1880s Victorian black floral net straw hat. This antique hat sits on the crown...
vintage 1920s yellow cloche with adornment

Vintage late 1920s early 1930s yellow felt wool cloche hat. Vintage 20s cloche has small...
vintage 1960s straw hat with blue white braid trim

Vintage wide brim sun straw hat with light blue (has a periwinkle tint) and white...
Aberdaron Cloche

vintage 1960s Henry Pollack cloche hat

A nod to the 1920s flapper era, vintage 1960s Henry Pollack black cloche hat with...
Charm & Wit Fascinator

vintage 1950s velvet pompom fascinator

Vintage 1950s fascinator hat topper with whimsical pom pom stems coming from center muted rose...
vintage 1970s light tan fedora with pink feather

Vintage 1970s light tan fedora hat with soft pink peacock feather accent that swoops across...
vintage 1970s light tan hat with soft green trim

Vintage 1970s light tan wool felt hat with wider brim. This vintage 70s hat has...

Make your outfit better with a lovely women’s hat. At Adored Vintage, we carry hats that are the perfect addition to any outfit. We love that in the past, women and men both would always wear a hat to complete their ensemble. Try a vintage wool or felt cloche hat while you're wearing a petticoat or princess coat. Add a beret to an aline skirt with a boatneck striped top for a French vibe. Wear a straw hat with a bohemian Edwardian or Victorian style dress in the summer. 

Shop our vintage and vintage inspired hats.