Up In the Air Blouse

vintage 1950s sheer blue nylon blouse

Vintage 1950s pale sky blue feminine and classic blouse with pleat details and bowtie detail...
Stormy Seas Blouse

vintage 1980s silk blue ruffle poet blouse

Vintage 1980s beautiful silk blue blouse with long puff sleeves adorned with flounce hems. Perfectly...
Passing Time Camisole

antique 1900s cotton crochet camisole top

Antique 1900s Edwardian camisole top in thick cotton featuring hand crochet yoke. This antique top...
Poet's Past Top

vintage 1930s ecru crochet knit blouse

Wear this vintage 1930s cream ecru crochet blouse buttoned up with a slip underneath or...
Le Sylphide Blouse

antique 1900s Edwardian ivory silk blouse

Wear this antique 1900s Edwardian silk blouse with your favorite pair of vintage denim or...
Begins the Song Top

vintage 1920s tulle ruffle lace dickie top

In a quiet dim corner of the neighborhood cafe, you sit with a cup of...
Jonquil Top

antique 1890s Victorian white blouse with embroidery and pleats

It's your first day off in ages and you know just how to spend it....
Whisper of Summer Top

antique 1900s pin-striped corset cover with ribbon and lace detail

Waiting for a friend to meet you in the park, your mind wanders as your...
Bestow A Kiss Blouse

antique 1910s pale pink sheer embroidered blouse

The country road narrows as you near your destination, the town where Jane Austen spent...
Shakespearean Ruffles Top

vintage 1960s cotton dramatic ruffle sleeve top

You've always been one for the dramatic arts. Working on your latest piece in this...
A Simple Matter Top

antique Victorian white broderie anglaise corset cover

Lost in your thoughts, you gaze out the window as you drizzle a slow ribbon...
Highclere Eastham Top

antique 1910s Edwardian gathered peplum waist top

The perfect antique 1910s Edwardian blouse with a gathered peplum waist. This antique blouse features...
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