Closet Inspiration: The Durrells in Corfu

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by life and dreamt of leaving it all behind in order to relocate to a rural Greek island in the 1930s then we have some major inspiration for you: The Durrells. 

We are completely enamored with this sweet miniseries which features Louisa Durrell, a widow who moves her family from England to the Greek island of Corfu in 1935. Everything about the show is dreamy, from her red rustic kitchen with copper pots hanging off the walls, to her wardrobe, which features the cutest separates: who else loves button up floral shirts tucked into high waisted skirts and trousers? 

This weekend I will be pulling out my Endeared Promise blouse, and my Land Girl Trousers and go walking around the farmer's market while pretending I'm in the Grecian countryside...

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