Fall Transitions: Your Favorite Summer Skirts

We are lovers of quality and simplicity; we admire pieces that can be worn in many different ways and throughout different seasons. We take inspiration from the French, who are masters at creating the coveted capsule wardrobe.

Midi skirts are one of the most loved and worn pieces in our closet. Many of you have probably worn yours all summer long. They flatter a variety of body types, they are effortless and easy to toss on during a warm summer day with a breezy top and sandals while on your way to the market and they pack up into practically nothing.  

But what do you do when Autumn creeps in, the days become darker and more gloomy and you pack away your leather sandals for next years' summer adventures? Is it only wool trousers from here on out?


A pair of tights, some boots and a cozy sweater can take your skirt from the warm balmy days of summer, to the cooler and moodier days of Autumn while still maintaining the feminine and graceful silhouette we all adore. 

Try the sweater gently tucked in to maintain the waist and pair with tall boots, which are perpetually trés classique and add a touch of sophistication.

And voilá! Your perfect fall outfit. 


Image source: Instagram @louisedamas & @rouje

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