Farewell Portland!

I thought when writing and sharing this news I would feel sadness, but I don't. Instead I feel a sense of relief and a weight lift off of my shoulders. In Winter 2019, full of hope and happy anticipation we opened a new chapter of Adored Vintage right in the heart of Portland, and with surprising relief, I am sharing that this chapter is officially closing in September as we are relocating Adored Vintage headquarters outside of Portland entirely. 

I feel like I can breathe and give myself space again to dream, create, and look to the future with hope within the uncertainty instead of inklings of dread. 

In Spring of 2021 my husband and I purchased a home outside of Portland to get away from city life and live in a calmer, quieter, and safer environment. We are also starting to build a home and create community in our new city, though we both feel in the not so distant future we may want to move further out into the country or perhaps out of Oregon all together. (I am pushing for New England/East Coast as I have a lot of family there). But, one step at a time.

When I had fallen in love with Portland, there was a wholesomeness about her that I connected to. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted Adored Vintage to be a part of this wholesome energy that was touched with whimsy and levity. But things change and we must adapt. There isn't going to be a return to how it once was because we cannot go backwards. We can only move forward and hold dearly on to what we loved about a time and place and not get stuck in the wishing for the past. And at least for my part, in the past two years since the pandemic, I kept wishing and waiting for things to return to "normal" and "how it was." But onward and forward we go dear friends and we must adapt and change and welcome change.

A brand new chapter with blank pages are at my feet and for once I do not feel the pressure to write anything down and plan it all out. Instead I feel myself wanting to live in the present and just take it one day at a time. There was yesterday. There is tomorrow. But today is today and that's just where we're at. 

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