Crafting An Indoor Woodland Meadow

It is no secret that we love flowers here at Adored Vintage and due to a recent winter snow storm and seemingly endless weeks of rain to follow, we have been really craving Springtime blooms and blue skies and just a bit of sunshine in our lives. 

Since we couldn't shoot outdoors due to the weather, we decided to create our own woodland meadow for our mini lookbook photoshoot with our model Bailey last week. 

For the "Meadow"

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

We used a combination of dried flowers and silk flowers to create the meadow using long foam pieces that are held up by a thin black tray. We get our supplies from a florist supply wholesale market here in Portland, so I am not sure if the same materials would be available at your local craft store. 

 Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

For the "Woodland Branch"

I was gifted this beautiful moss covered branch by a shop friend of mine who sadly is closing her shop due to Covid-19. Hannah attached silk blooms and dried flowers and faux ivy greens (though I realized I have SO MUCH ivy growing in front of my house, I should have brought it!) with thin florist wire to the branch.

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

Putting It All Together

The "Meadow" pieces were easily moveable and adjustable during our shoot because they were on the black trays. We attached the branch on one of our vintage ladders in the studio mostly because we needed a way to bring the branch up higher than our model, but then actually found we liked how the set look with the vintage ladder in the photos. Initially I was just going to shoot the photos with the ladder out of frame or we were going to suspend the branch from one of the beams in the ceiling. But it all worked out and our test model (Redford) approved of the entire set. He even asked if he could put on a little crown of flowers so he could really "get into character", I swear, that guy. So extra. Here is a sneak peek from our mini lookbook shoot with Bailey! We loved how our indoor woodland meadow turned out!

Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow Creating An Indoor Woodland Meadow

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  • Jennifer le

    Beautiful and ingenious; and your puppy is adorable!

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