L'Amour: Found Vintage Photos & Your First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first crush? The first time you felt butterflies in your stomach? I asked on Instagram stories yesterday: "How old were you when you got your first kiss?" and some of you shared your sweet, funny, endearing, awkward, exciting first kiss stories... 

Found Vintage Photos: L'Amour

I was surprised to actually see how many responses we received about feeling embarrassed or ashamed about the ages you all were when you received your first kiss. Some were embarrassed because you felt you were "too young" and others "too old"... That made me a bit sad because I truly wish anything related at all to love should not have wisps of shame tied around them. So a tender reminder to you dear friends, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about! 

Here are some of your first kiss replies:

"12... we both snuck out of our Polish school classes taught by nuns to kiss in the hallway..."

"18. It was with my (now) husband. He is the first and only man I've ever kissed."

"Never been kissed."

"17. Halloween night, 2014." (Lol my first kiss was on Halloween too!)

"Still waiting on someone special."

"Too young. But my first kiss with my hubby was in a video game machine like we were kids again." (This makes me smile so much, so cute)

"13. The weird part is that the bus driver saw, and made fun of me alllll the way home." (Um, that driver was a jerk!)

"The minute I was born, my Daddy gave me my first kiss." (Awww!)

"Waiting for the right guy. I'm 23." 

I was also pleasantly surprised how many of you were still waiting for your first kiss. Reading your responses made me think of one of my favorite watch over and over again movies, Never Been Kissed, with Drew Barrymore, which you need to rent right now if you've never seen it! It's so cheesy and cute and I love it so much. 

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