You Know You're An Adored Vintage Girl When...

I never set out to start a brand or a look for Adored Vintage. It sort of just happened that pretty feminine dresses, straw hats, fields, and dried flowers became synonymous with my shop and "my brand." I'll never forget when illustrator/storybook beauty Emily Martin and real life mermaid Frankie Ramirez (of The Snail and the Cyclops blog that I coveted several years ago) came to my studio and Emily said "Whenever I see dead flowers, I think of you." 

Or something along those lines. Which I laughed at because I never really thought about dead flowers being an AV thing. Dried flowers is a Victoria Magazine late 80s early 90s stay-at-home crafty housewife thing (which I'm super OK with). But you know, I LOVED that she said that. Because really, I DO adore dried flowers so much and I'm also slightly obsessed with Victoria Magazine and it's whole aesthetic. Actually I love dried flowers more than when they're living, but only by a hair. 

Last year I was at a small business lady thing here in Portland and someone was talking about my shop and me I suppose because I was (affectionately) called "Oh, that Adored Vintage girl! I follow her on Instagram!" 

Then I realized... that Adored Vintage girl is a very specific person. She's me, or rather who I wish I was ALL the time. That Adored Vintage girl is you too. 

Just for fun I thought I'd come up with a list of 10 you know you're an Adored Vintage girl scenarios because, well, an AV girl can poke fun at herself a bit and knows sometimes she goes just a smidgen over the ridiculous line all for the love of simple beauty. So, without further chatter...

"You know you're an Adored Vintage girl when..." 

1. ... you walk by a beautiful meadow and wish a picnic blanket and basket would just appear.

2. ... you pick flowers from said meadow and later press or dry them into antique books which you later randomly gift to friends.

3. ... all your dishes at home are vintage and you mostly covet any English or French stampings.

4. ... your friend invites you over for a light supper on the porch and you bring her a bundle of herbs from your garden tied with twine and a bottle of rose. 

5. ... when you own AT LEAST 6 straw hats with black ribbon. But you SWEAR they're all different.

That Adored Vintage Girl Likes...

6. ... you buy vintage and antique slips and nightgowns and actually sleep in them because one must be lovely while one is in slumber.

7. ... your friend invites you for a light hike you wonder which dress you should wear for the hike because if Edwardian ladies could hike in skirts and pointy button up boots, you certainly can in a dress and flats.

8. ... when you play "weather appropriate" music like "The Caretakers" when it's moody and rainy or "France Gall" when it's bright and sunny.

9. ... you see a girl walking down the street in a pretty dress carrying flowers or maybe a baguette and you kinda want to run up to her and say "Let's be friends! We are kindred spirits!" 

10. ... your significant other points out a beautiful sunlit field while you're driving and jokingly (but really he's serious) says "You want to go sit in that, don't you?" 

Top photograph by Briana Morrison. Nature photographs by Annie Spratt.

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  • Jill le

    I read this blog and omg… i think you just described me. From dried flowers to picnics …

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