Wardrobe Stories / Chapter 3

The old library stood stoically at the end of the street, a burnished red brick building with simple white pillars showing years of wear and tear.

The weather is overcast, the clouds promising a late afternoon shower and you quicken your pace down the hedge lined path tugging at the sleeves of your cardigan sweater and adjusting your hair scarf. As you push open the heavy wooden doors the hinges groan a tired but friendly "Welcome" and instantly the smell of old pages and books and weathered pine fill your senses and you're transported back home, 3000 miles away.

A wave of nostalgia and homesickness washes over you as you glance around. Despite the size of the town's library, old bookcases stretch nearly to the 16 ft ceilings and there are a couple old wooden and metal ladders on rails. You question their safety but find them charming nonetheless and feel as if you've walked onto a movie set library. You let out a long audible sigh and suddenly an older woman's head pops up from behind a counter, her pure white hair pulled tightly into a bun, not a single strand out of place. She gives you a look as if to say "How dare you make a sound in my library?" and raises a thin penciled brow in your direction.

"Young lady, can I help you?" she says in a voice that's deeper than you would have expected, it has a thin shrill about it that makes you instantly feel like you're back in grade school.

"I'm Samantha Post, Sam if you will, I'm here to meet with Mrs. Cleery?"

The old woman's mouth slightly frowns.

"Ahh, so you're the one they've sent to replace me." 

Feminine and Romantic Vintage Inspired Outfits

Feminine and Romantic Vintage Inspired Outfit

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