Wardrobe Stories / Chapter 8

It is this season between spring and summer that you love the most. The air is a symphony of sounds, birds and bees and the wind rustling through the trees. You are grateful for the slow and steady work you have done in your garden in the colder months as the days get warmer and your garden begins to really show signs of life.

It's not quite warm enough to forego your cardigan but the sun is shining steadily and you're thankful for the shade of your vintage straw hat. This morning's garden task is to pot up your tray of seedlings of foxgloves, delphiniums, chocolate Queen Anne's lace, cosmos, and zinnias. 

You work mindfully and carefully placing the baby plants into their own pots. The sun is starting to climb higher in the sky and you remove your cardigan and carefully hang it on a hook inside your greenhouse. The sun's placement reminds you that you have lunch plans this afternoon. 

The last of the baby zinnias are potted up and you carefully insert little popsicle sticks with the names of the plants and today's date into the new potting soil. Your stomach quietly grumbles and you know it's time to pop back indoors, tidy up a bit, slip on on your vintage heels, and head out the door. 

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