A Pop-Up Shop is Coming to Adored Vintage!

Bonjour mes amis! There are so many new projects I am so looking forward to in 2022 one being a petite pop-up shop inside our old retail location called Milkthistle & Co. This pop-up is a collaboration with Adored Vintage focused on small batch tea, apothecary (mostly from Europe), sundries, plants and flowers and will also feature a small DIY apothecary bar so you and yours can handcraft your own herbal and floral bath potions. 

Milkthistle & Co Pop-Up at Adored Vintage Portland, OR

Milkthistle & Co Pop-Up at Adored Vintage Portland, OR Milkthistle & Co Pop-Up at Adored Vintage Portland, OR

As you know, or perhaps not, we closed our retail location for Adored Vintage back in October of 2020 and moved it inside Urbanite just up the street (read that journal entry here). For many reasons related to Covid, this made the most sense for us and we have been thriving at our new retail location! 

However, since we closed up our retail shop, there was always a figurative and literal emptiness in our shop/atelier space. One of the most appealing aspects about our current location is that it is a hybrid of retail and office and though Adored Vintage online has grown significantly since we moved here in 2019, a big part of me absolutely misses the community aspect of having a physical space. I miss creating a calm and soft respite of sorts, a home away from home, a place where I can sense when a kindred spirit has walked through our doors. I miss real, tangible human connection. 

In October of this year our plans to reopen a petite Adored Vintage retail/showroom with apothecary bar was delayed (read that journal entry here). It dawned on me then that perhaps this space just isn't meant to be an Adored Vintage retail shop anymore. It's too small for the ideas I have for Adored Vintage. I've also come to realize I keep trying to force this space to be like it once was, and well, it just won't ever be that. The retail chapter of Adored Vintage in this current space is closed. A truth I've come to accept and in just recent weeks have fondly bid farewell to... and it's OK because when one chapter closes, a new one can begin! 

There are some things I am a lot more wary of. The retail landscape of Portland has changed so much. Safety is a true and genuine concern for many of my fellow small business owners that have brick & mortars, and I'm not just talking about Covid. 

We will navigate this pop-up chapter week by week, with optimism and hope. The city of Portland has lost a lot of it's whimsy and spark in my eyes (just search the news, some of it is pretty bleak), but I want to hold on to hope that good things can grow when given a chance and I feel this for Milkthistle & Co. 

At the moment we do not have a set soft opening date, though shooting for before Valentine's Day in 2022 (so late January most likely)! and our open hours will be Thursday thru Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM, but we may extend the hours and days depending on how well the pop up goes!

There are SO MANY things to do for the pop-up. We have apothecary recipes to conjure up, signs to make, curtains to hang, plants to pot, small fixtures to source, and not to mention dozens of goods and wares shipping from France, the UK, Latvia, and Canada... oh it's going to be so lovely friends!

See you soon dear kindred spirit! May we bloom and grow together in 2022!

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  • Kathleen Frandsen le

    Would love to shop your lovely shop online. I can’t get to Portaland, l’m in NYC, and disabled. It looks wonderful!

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