Wear to Where: A Day in Cornwall

I've been to England twice now. To Heathrow that is (I've never once left the airport) So, technically I haven't been to England. 

Which is kind of odd since I love so many British things. Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous, Keeping Up Appearances... just to name TV shows.

Then of course there's Jane Austen. 

Oh and Colin Firth...Hello, Mr. Darcy! And DUH, Harry Potter!

Anyhow, England is very high on the list of places I want to travel to next (with Scotland & Ireland) and so when I thought about starting this series, my first thought was England. What would I like to wear to the English countryside?

Now, you may think this outfit seems rather unrealistic. But if you followed along during my trip to the South of France this past Spring, you will know I wore an Edwardian dress with vintage heels out in the country while wandering through a field of overgrown white flowers. (Here's the proof!)

A few years ago I use to contribute to the blog Oh My Drifter with a featured called "Imaginary Outfits", I stopped doing it because my vintage business was starting to really pick up and I could no longer commit to the weekly feature. It's interesting seeing my old outfit idea posts... not much has changed. I still like feminine, vintage, and romantic styled clothing. With a dash of whimsy, of course.

And so, I am starting the WEAR to WHERE series in the AV Gazette which is a spin off of the column I did for Oh My Drifter and the instagram outfit ideas posts I do called "Wear to Where" which I post a diptych featuring one item from the shop next to a place. Check back weekly for a new installment!

A Day In Cornwall / Links + Such

1. Antique 1900s lace dress / 2. Vintage French straw basket / 3. Vintage 1930s Oxfords / 4. Vintage 1940s locket brooch

The locket brooch should be pinned at the neck, that would look very Edwardian!

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  • Christelle Duke le

    I do love vintage—romantic, lacy, another time, another life, but finding plus sizes like 3X and up.just never happens. I have used my vintage garb, purses, etc. for home decorations hanging from walls and other places, but I would have to sew my own garments for myself to wear. Any ideas\plans for your shop concerning lush-sizes? I love your blog!

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