1820-1829 Regency Cotton Bodice Undergarment

When I first saw this Regency era bodice undergarment from the Victoria and Albert London Collection I for sure thought, that is SO modern! It has a very late 1940s early 50s look. You could see it with high waist shorts that flare out a bit or even high waist trousers in a soft cream cotton. Right?! But shucks, this is 200 years old and it was worn as UNDERWEAR. I swear, fashion history is incredible! 

Where I'd Wear It Now

I'd pair this with high waisted trousers or maybe an a-line linen midi skirt with buttons along the front. This antique undergarment definitely can be worn in modern days and translates so well!

Channel The Look

Go for a cropped summer top with a sweetheart neckline or soft vneckline and short cap puff sleeves. The crop length should be just at the bellybutton.

Image Credits: Victoria & Albert Musuem, London


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