Regency Period 1805-1810 Net Cotton Lace Dress

My dream history closet would definitely have this beautiful Regency period cotton and silk lace gown. This dress is from the Costume Institute at The Met Museum.

Where I'd Wear It Back Then

A weekend ball (but of course!) where my BFF Lizzy Bennet and I can talk about how Mr. Darcy is totally pretentious, but also super handsome.

Where I'd Wear It Now

Renewing my wedding vows to my Faramir overlooking the picturesque Oregon coast while the sun sets.  

Channel The Look

This dress is over 200 years old and yet so many of the details are relevant for today. Go for gauzy romantic maxi dresses with cap or baby doll sleeves, an empire bust maxi dress, or a sheer lace maxi dress with sleeves.

Regency Period Dress from Met Museum

Regency Dress, Lace and Embroidery Detail

 Image Source: Met Museum


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