Sizing & Fit Guide

So you've found something delightful in the shop and are curious about how it might fit you? 

When it comes to the world of online clothing stores, sizing guides can be a helpful tool. You can find our general guide in a little pop up link on any product's page. This is your average run down of what to expect for common size runs (XS-XL).

However, we've noticed that these guides (which you'd think would be consistent) can vary greatly across brands, styles, designers, and even regions. Not to mention, we sometimes carry items that don't fit these sizes at all. 

That's why we like to hand measure everything that passes through our doors!

To measure, garments are hung on a hanger, measured flat, and then doubled.

Most vintage or thrift store hunters will know this, but it applies to modern clothing too. Knowing your own measurements off the top of your head is the best way to streamline the online shopping experience. Though there are many to store up there in your noggin, the 3 most important ones to memorize first are your bust, waist, and hip measurements. The proportions of these three parts of your body will matter most when looking for blouses, dresses, skirts, and other bottoms.  

Measurements you'll find in our shop

  • Bust: the widest part of the garment's bust, or armpit to armpit. 
  • Bodice: the distance from the top of the garment to the seam that separates the bust from the torso or the rest of the piece. Note, adjustable straps usually not included in this measurement and will be noted separately.
  • Waist: either the seam that separates the bodice from the torso of a garment or, if there is no seam, the smallest point in the middle of the torso. 
  • Hip: the widest point between the navel and the knee. 
  • Shoulder: applicable if there are shoulder seams at the top of a garment's bodice as in a longsleeve or a cardigan; the length from seam to seam. 
  • Sleeve: the distance from shoulder seam to the bottom hem of the sleeve/
  • Inseam: the distance from the center of a pair of trouser's crotch (in between the legs) to the bottom hem of its leg. 
  • Rise: the distance from the waist band or waist seam (as in jumpsuits) to the crotch seam between the garment's legs