How to Dress Like A French Girl (When You're Not French)

It's interesting that "Dressing Like A French Girl" is hugely popular right now because of the likes of It French Girls on Instagram Jeanne Damas, Sabina Socol, and AnneLaure Mais Moreau... but wanting to evoke the French girl look has been around for years and years. Even centuries! But the French Girl look isn't even entirely French. Most of the most iconic French style icons weren't even French! To me, the French Girl look is a spirit. It's a way of being. 

I won't get too into it because this is an outfit idea post and these are short and sweet... but think about it...Marie Antoinette (Austrian), Josephine Baker (though she was American), Jane Birkin (British...) but, I digress... 

Because even though the essence of a "French Girl" is more about attitude... there are some simple things you can do to channel your inner "Je Ne Sais Quoi".

How To Dress Like A French Girl When You're Not A French Girl

1. Accessories: Less Is More - do not over accessorize. Rule of thumb, if you're wearing statement earrings, then maybe only do minimal rings. If you're wearing a statement necklace, keep your earrings simple. Opt for delicate and minimal jewelry and layer them or wear one single statement signature piece.

2. Hair: Simple, Natural, Healthy but not Hippie - There's a bit of polish that goes into the "natural, simple" hair of the French Girl style. Hair is never extreme or a statement. Rather it's the frame around her face, it's the "pièce de résistance" without you knowing that's what it is. 

3. Neutral Colors: French Girl style traditionally is quite neutral in color. Not to say you can't or shouldn't wear color, but for the most part, it's a lot of navy, white, cream, denim, black, and pops of red. 

4. She Avoids Trends, Yet Is A Trend Right Now: This is an odd one to sort it because a French Girl doesn't chase trends. Right now her style is definitely piping hot, but for the most part, what composes her wardrobe are quite classic and timeless. She may dabble in ONE trend, maybe two... but she sticks to her tried and true and adds new pieces to accent the rest of her wardrobe and pieces she can wear season after season. A black midi polka dot dress is something a French Girl would wear with espadrilles right now and lots of other fashion girls are wearing it right now too... but in a couple years, the French Girl will still be wearing that midi polka dot sundress (maybe she's changed her hair, her perfume, her shoes) but the dress remains the same. And a fashion girl has moved on to other things. Not a bad thing... just trying to highlight how a French Girl makes decisions on what she purchases.

image credit: Sylvie Mus (who is also not French)

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