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A whisper of autumn is in the air and as we close the chapter of the summer season, we welcome with open arms full of warmth and love for our most beloved autumn. Of late September sunsets, and mist covered October mornings, and the brisk cool kisses of November. 

Play our {Saison de Automne Playlist}, make yourself a cup of tea, take a few deep intentional breaths, and we invite you to sit for a spell and stay for awhile.


The wind comes up across the hill, the wind goes laughing by
It's time to put your bonnet on, and let your stitching lie;
It's time to take your basket up, and follow on with me,
Along the road and up the hill, strange countries for to see.

For oh, the fields are golden now, the sun is sweet as wine,
The lake lies blue beneath us, and the leaves are thick and fine;
The fluffy clouds are drifting by, the windows are all a-blow;
The geese are flying south before the vanguards of the snow.

Come out, come out across the hills! The golden blossoms call,
September lifts her trumpet to her lips, and comrades all
But hearken to the ringing cry she sends from hill to hill
The scarlet leaves come fluttering down, the asters all are still.

Come out, come out, and leave your seam, and put your spinning by!
The sweet September calls us before the flowers die.
The shimmering hills are free to us, the hours are golden sweet.
Come out, dear love, and find my heart the pathway for your feet!

- Sara Hamilton Birchall

Thoughts & Ponderings for Autumn

Fresh starts and new beginnings always feels right at the start of the autumn season. Perhaps because when we were young it meant the start of a brand new school year. Do you remember the excitement of getting new school supplies? The anticipation of the first day of school? Would we make any friends? Would we like our teacher? There is a sense of nostalgia about starting something new and getting fluttery butterflies. How do we reconnect with that childlike awe and wonder for the beginning of a new journey? As adults beginning something new or experiencing change is often fretted with worry, nerves, and anxiety. As children we possessed a different kind of bravery. We approached the world and people with innocent curiosity. Our biases were not yet defined or programmed into us, we asked questions not to judge, but simply to learn and to build our knowledge. Can we still see our own world, our daily life, through the lens of our inner child?

Journal & Reflection

We want to spend intentional time this season to reconnect with our inner child, reflecting on happy memories and also with memories that are tender. Set aside an hour for some solitude and reflection. We've created a playlist for you to enjoy as you revisit old memories.


Write about your earliest happy memory. 

What important lesson did you learn as a child that still resonates with you as an adult?

Make a list of your 10 favorite things from when you were in elementary school.

What was your dream job when you were 10? 

What were your favorite stories as a child, from books, movies, or shows.

What were you like as a child?

If your 10 year old self and current self were sitting together for breakfast, what conversation would you be having?

Seasonal Home & Garden Checklist

  • Pick blackberries, apples, and raspberries
  • Clean birdhouses
  • Collect seeds to be used again in the spring
  • Go mushroom hunting
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture
  • Store summer wardrobe & inspect winter wardrobe
  • Sweep and inspect chimneys (or/and replace your filters)
  • Wipe down wood furniture, wood window frames, and door frames with peppermint oil/hot water to discourage pests

A Brief Etymology of Autumn

Did you know that prior to the 16th century (English) the season we now know as Autumn was called Harvest season though it wouldn't be until the 18th century until the season of "harvest" was now called Autumn. The word Autumn comes from the old French word autumpne, automne and from Latin autumnus. In the 19th century another term for this season was being thrown around, the Americanized "Fall." 

Self Care & Movement

Do you remember the joy and happiness you felt playing outdoors on a warm Autumn day? You felt you could possibly fly as you chased your friends around the school yard, crisp leaves crunching beneath your feet. You're running so fast you imagine you could outrun a horse! This season can we embrace movement and play like how we once did as children? What does play look like as an adult? How do we reinvigorate our imaginations and spirits and experience childlike merriment again? 

Find a nature trail near you and go on a hike.

Connect with your inner child and collect bits of Nature that inspire colors, shapes, and textures.

Go to a local farm that offers hayrides or a corn maze

Rake up a pile of leaves and play in them

Go to a park and fly a kite, roll down hills, or simply just run as fast as you can!

The Language of Flowers / September

Chime In

If you have ideas to add to our Autumn themes or just want to say you appreciated this post and found it thought provoking, do let us know by commenting below! We love reading your comments!


Reviews (6 comments)

  • Robin H On

    I do so love these posts and see the great effort put into them. Please don’t stop anytime soon!!! :)

  • Candice On

    Always a favorite to read these entries. Mothering curious little wonder seekers has been the greatest re-awakening of my child like spirit~ And I hope in ways they can say that I have fostered a sense wonder in them~ for we are deeply intertwined in the web of inspiring one another.

    I’m looking forward to sitting with these prompts. My own childhood is so distant and different from the one I seek to offer my children~ Though I have been often brought back to the memory of my childhood dreams and inspirations as a guide for crafting a way of life for the little ones under my wing.

  • Lisa On

    How beautiful is this. Autumn is my favorite season and always represents a fresh start for me

  • Adriana On

    I normally discard emails from stores since they it’s a bunch of advertisement. For some reason, perhaps because I recently found this store and purchased a few items (I am excitedly waiting for), I decided to open it to have a look, and I have been pleasantly surprise with the lovely information shared. It makes autumn more exciting as it is one of my favorite “temps”. I love the playlist and the writing prompts. This is becoming a favorite store with extras such as these, lovely.

  • Michelle S. On

    I absolutely love this post and especially the playlist.Thank you!

    I have worked so hard to keep the child within from disappearing within a secret garden inside for decades and this post is wonderful confirmation that I am not the only one.

    Such beautiful nostalgia in the music and great ideas to stir childlike wonder and fun. It all makes me want to live in a cozy cottage somewhere next to an enchanted forest. I hope I can some day!


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