Vintage Style Inspiration: Plaids & Gingham

It comes as no surprise that we adore plaid and gingham prints here at Adored Vintage. Both patterns are as timeless as they come (though scale and color palette does play a part in how classic a plaid or gingham print may be). Our shop is currently stocked full of classic and feminine styles in plaid patterns and gingham prints.

This month for our Vintage Style Inspiration segment, we turn to women's vintage fashions from the 1940s as plaid and gingham grew in popularity due to the rise of more utilitarian fashions due to World War II.

Traditionally gingham was more often used for warm weather clothing and plaid for cold weather clothing, though here at Adored Vintage, we love both patterns year around but may opt for different color palettes depending on the time of year.

What is the difference between PLAID and GINGHAM? 

Plaid is a woven fabric that uses various colors that go in horizontal and vertical directions whereas gingham is almost always two colors. A darker hue paired with white, cream, or a lighter variant of the dark hue.

Within the overall umbrella of plaid and gingham there are subcategories of patterns such as buffalo check, glen check, tartan, madras, windowpane check, and so on. 

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