Wardrobe Stories / Chapter 24

Could it really have been 12 years since you last saw your Aunt June? Over a decade ago you were still in middle school worrying about if anyone would notice your new pastel glitter nail polish. Walking up the white wooden steps to the front door of your aunt's house made those years so close and yet so faraway. Your eyes take in the wide sweeping front porch where a wicker table decorated with a faded peach floral tablecloth was dappled in sunshine and two matching wicker chairs with floral cushions that had seen better days rested, beckoning you to "Come, sit down, stay awhile". 

A welcome soft breeze gently tickles your legs, waving the hem of your white cotton eyelet midi skirt. You sigh feeling so happy back in this place as childhood memories flood into your mind of the treehouse and the tire swing and Aunt June's peach cobbler and famous sweet tea waiting on the wicker set on the porch. The very same one in front of your eyes.

You smile to yourself as the last bit of heaviness in your heart relented to the warm southern sunshine...

Clothing Featured in this Story
Hair Barettes: Bellievre Barette Beige, and in Brown


Vintage Inspired Peach Boho Puff Sleeve Peasant Top feminine vintage inspired white cotton eyelet midi skirt

Vintage Inspired Tortoise Hair Barette Vintage Inspired Tortoise Hair Barette

classic and feminine vintage inspired pinstriped midi sundress

Adored Vintage Filigree

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