Welcome to the New Adored Vintage!

As Adored Vintage ushers into a new era of selling modern vintage inspired clothing, it has been on my mind to create a brand spanking new website for it too! Want to know what really got the ball rolling for me?

Hiring a professional graphics designer to design a new logo and icons for my shop!

Why did I make a new shop journal? Easy answer, I didn't like the other one. I was never inspired to write in it. Every time I thought about blogging, my mind would draw a blank.

In the good old blogging days I was posting every single day. I actually just went to read my old blog (it's still up, though over 80% of the image links are broken) and I am SO SHOCKED that I had THAT much to say. 

Now I always feel a loss for words.

Anyhow, I digress. 

This NEW journal for the NEW website will focus on these things:

  1. Shop updates including featured collections, my favorite items, and your favorite items
  2. Style inspirations and what's influencing how I select vintage inspired styles for my store
  3. Manifesting and sharing my dreams for what the future of my shop will be...it changes a lot in my head, so I want a place to talk about it.
  4. Website news, small business news...etc etc

If you want to know more about the PERSONAL side of Shopkeeping, hop on over to my Shopkeeper Journal.

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