Women In Art: Flowers at the Table

Flowers will remain our main source of inspiration here at Adored Vintage and this week to inspire you, we are sharing the beautiful floral and still life paintings of Scottish artist, Anne Redpath (1895-1965) and a few other women artists who captured the beauty of flowers in their most simple settings, at home, and on your table.

Perhaps these painted works will inspire you to create your own floral arrangements for your home to adorn your tables, mantles, and bedside stands.

Women In Art: Flowers at the Table / Anne Redpath

Women In Art: Flowers at the Table / Anne Redpath

I am someone who is very interested in colour – and by that, I mean bright colour, gay colour; but at the same time, if you are a colourist, you like quiet colour as well and I think this love of gay colour is contrasted in my mind with this love of whites and greys. - Anne Redpath

Women In Art: Flowers at the Table / Winifred Nicholson
Women In Art: Flowers at the Table / Margaret Thomas

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  • Tayler Sekula On

    This is a beautiful collection of paintings. Thank you for introducing me to these talented artists.


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